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Private Lessons

Private lessons are offered in the convenience of your own home. This gives me an opportunity to assess the dog in its home environment. How it interacts with you, other family members and other dogs in the household.

K9 College Dog Training, offers a wide variety of training programs. Basic programs start at 6 weeks, more advanced programs are 8 and 16 weeks. It is recommended that once you start training, you should stay committed for a minimum of one year of training.

During the initial assessment, we will identify the current struggles that you are having with your dog and create a training plan to address them. The training plan will have exercises and games that can be played several times a day. Training then advances to parks, shopping centers, recreation centers and any location that is new to the dog.

Board and Train

Board and Train Services are offered to clients dogs. Struggles are identified and worked on throughout the week to turn them into strengths. The dogs stay in my home and are treated as one of my own. They are crated, taken on hikes and long walks, train in a variety of locations, etc.

***At this time we are not able to take any new board and train clients. 

Phone Consultations 

Phone consultations are scheduled by appointment. We will discuss the current struggles and ways to go about correcting them. Potty Training, Crate Training, Teething Puppies, Chewing, Nipping, etc. are a few of the most common issues


Workshops are a great way to get a group of enthusiastic trainers together to work on a variety of topics. Topics can include: Building Drive, Motivation, Creating a More Balanced Dog.

Past Workshops Held in 2019: Gritty Dog Workshop, Puppy Lifeskills. 

“Get the Behavior! Know what you want. Know what you have. Think. Plan. Do!”

Bob Bailey

Providing leading edge training for both owners and dogs; to develop the dog that every owner desires.

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