Meet Clare,


She's been training and showing dogs for over 25 years, bred and showed golden retrievers and was a co-founder of two AKC recognized golden retriever clubs in the area in the 80’s. She trained her first dog, Bethany to earn her first AKC Obedience Novice Title and Tracking Dog Title. She also put her first AKC Conformation Championship on a dog named Topaz, her second dog. Three of her golden retrievers lived to the ripe age of 15 plus and she attributes this to a healthy and active lifestyle for her dogs.


She then changed to Australian Shepherds in 2008, and currently has 3 generations on the ground. Breeding, training and showing dogs is a passion of hers. Clare enjoys learning about pedigrees, structure, mental health and how to develop a well-rounded beautiful dog while utilizing their inherited traits in sports training.


She currently has 3 Aussies training in competition. Chanel is currently working in Utility, Cami is training through Open now and learning Barn Hunt and Ruger has started his show career in the conformation ring, obedience and scent work.


Clare's second passion is learning more about dogs, dog behavior, dog sports (Barn Hunt, Scent Work, Tracking, Herding, FASTCAT, Lure Coursing, Agility, Rally, Obedience, IPO, Fly Ball, Dock Diving, Trick Training, etc.), dog fitness programs and different breeds (their standard, behavior traits, and what they were bred to do, etc.).


Clare considers herself a positive reinforcement based trainer. Training is such an important piece to creating a long lasting relationship with your dog. Over the years, training has changed so much, that you must continue your education in the dog training arena to keep up.

As a former Project Manager for DuPont Engineering, Clare learned the importance of listening and asking lots of questions from those that she worked with. Her willingness to help others turned her passion for working with dogs and their owners into K9 College Dog Training, LLC in 2017.


As a child her family had a black poodle mix that was named “Pepper Pup”. Pepper Pup was not a very nice dog. He bit the neighbor, ran out of the house numerous times and eventually got hit by a car and had to be rushed to the emergency room. The only thing that Clare can remember about this dog was what she didn’t want in a dog of her own.


It wasn’t until Clare got married many years later that she acquired her first dog, which was a golden retriever. Bethany was a great dog. She was easy to train, had a great temperament and was wonderful with Clare's two young daughters.


Today Clare is training her 8th dog, they have each taught her something new. Clare is enjoying learning more about the different arenas in dog sports and what makes each dog tick. Clare is excited to see where this journey takes her and meeting all the new clients and their dogs along the way!