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Meet some of the dog's I've had the pleasure of working with, their struggles and how we turned them into strengths.

Client's Dogs In Training

Meet Underdog & Barley


Underdog, pictured here is a a 10 year old rescue Pitbull mix with the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen. When I first met Underdog, she really did not like anyone (me included or any other dog), enjoy being pet or fed treats other than by her owner Jennifer. She lacked confidence and optimism. She didn't even really know her name, yet by playing games and exercises in our training program, she now comes running when you call "Underdog". Today, she is a different dog and loves lining up to get a scratch or massage from me or Jennifer's parents.

Over the months, Underdog was challenged with games that mentally challenged her and we used her meals for training. Since that first day, Underdog and Barley have done a complete 360 degree turn around. Even Jennifer's parents had a lesson with the dogs and I. They were amazed at how well behaved they were when we got to the house and how willing they were to begin our training session.


Today the are so much happier and well behaved. They even get invited to Jennifer's parents home where they are enjoying homemade breakfast. I even have the pleasure of watching these two when Jennifer has to go away.

“Dogs do speak, but only to those that know how to listen.”

                                                                                         Orhan Pamuk

Meet Jasper

A rescue from Kuwait that traveled about 30 hours to get to the states. Amy didn't know much about Jasper, other than he was a street dog, park Saluki and part German Shepherd. He was very fearful when he arrived and was growling when in large crowds. He lacked confidence and was very pesimistic.

Through games and lots of adventures, Jasper turned into a wonderful family dog.


​​Providing leading edge training for both owners and dogs; to develop the dog that every owner desires.

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